Get your Store Ready with the Best Magento Extensions for Spectacular Halloween!

Get your Store Ready with the Best Magento Extensions for Spectacular Halloween!
Get your Store Ready with the Best Magento Extensions for Spectacular Halloween!

Halloween is the best time of the year. The time when there are pumpkins and pumpkins everywhere. People enjoy Halloween by lighting bonfire as well as by wearing costumes. They do parties on Halloween. People are not just thinking about the party, they are also thinking to do the shopping. Your Halloween products are filled up on the website and the same is with the customers.

Various costumes are worn by the people, the scary costumes. 

You will be having high traffic in the store during Halloween. Preparations are very necessary for smooth and effective functioning. Whether it is an online store or the offline store, the festive preps are very necessary. 

Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 2 

Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 2 extension is used to generate and send discount coupons based on birthdays, newsletter subscriptions, order placement, and other events. This is Halloween, people love discounts as well as discount coupons. Use custom email templates to draw customers’ attention and build their loyalty for increasing your sales this Halloween. 

  • It Generates coupons based on multiple events
  • Send promo codes to customers automatically
  • Automatically delete unused coupons

It is having also advanced settings like:

You can Set a time period after the event when the promo code will be sent

You can set the discount amount and Indicate an expiry period

Use a separate email template for each coupon type.


Special Promotions

Attracting your customers is not an easy task. Promo actions are very effective. With the Special Promotions, you can enrich your cart price rules list with 20 more promo actions. You will be able to run a great variety of exclusive promotions to easily attract customers' attention and increase sales.

Special Promotions allows you to:

  1. Create promotions for the cheapest and most expensive products
  2. Offer deals along with the free items
  3. Easy to set the percent as well as the free discounts
  4. Create specials with quantity steps
  5. Run promotions based on the spent amount

Special Promotions helps you to do many things

There is competition in every field and the same applies to online suppliers also. All the suppliers try to allure the customers and if you want to stand in the competition, you will also have to adopt this strategy. 

What offers you can throw to your customers are as under:

  • Buy 3 items, get the cheapest (most expensive) free;
  • Buy 5 products, get the cheapest (most expensive) with a discount;
  • Get $10 discount from each $100 spent;
  • Get each 3-d, 6-the book with a 20% discount;
  • Buy each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th T-shirt with a $15 discount;
  • Buy 2 blouses for full-price and get 2 more with a 15% discount;
  • Purchase 3 bags and get each additional one for $100;
  • Buy 4 shirts and get each additional one with $10 off

You can configure the promo with a discount on the other item

Special Promotion

You can highlight such features using banners on the top of the page, placing the banner under the description as well as adding the catchy labels. 

Gift Card

You can place gift cards as items in your store and it allows you to decide on the look of the card, specify the value and lifetime of the card. Make possible for customers to choose from templates, type notes for recipients, and set delivery dates. Analyze the performance of the card against its balance track and expiration date.

Gift Card Promotion

Customer can also do the specific card configuration

The extension allows them to:

  • Select the certificate value
  • Choose the card image
  • To download their own card image
  • To attach a gift message
  • Specify the date of dispatch and a time zone

Card Value in USD

Gift code application in the shopping cart

Apply Gift Card

Gift card on the checkout page

Apply Gift Card Code


  • Set product types that can be purchased with a card.
  • Let shoppers use gift cards for themselves.
  • Create gift certificates from the backend.
  • Apply cards to orders created from the backend.
  • Edit gift card balance from the admin panel.
  • Edit gift code expiration date.
  • Write gift card code comments.
  • Resend gift codes.

Promotions Manager

Now one can easily simplify the promotion management process with the expanded price rules grid and also can cut the time on promotion-related tasks by using additional actions and columns.

  • One can See a rule type and a discount amount on the grid
  • Instantly duplicate discount rules on the grid
  • Enable, disable and delete shopping cart price rules
  • Apply actions to multiple rules at once
  • Apply top and low priorities to rules in one click

One can now apply various actions to manage the rules. They are as under:

  • 'Delete' action
  • Prioritize your rules
  • Enable or disable rules in bulk
  • 'Duplicate' rules action


'Rule Type' column - Type of the applied rule is displayed in the 'Rule Type' column, for example, a percent of a product price discount.

'Discount Amount' column - In the 'Discount Amount' column you can see the value of the discount in figures, percentage or the number of items.

'Stop' column - It is used to stop processing promotions that are the next by priority.

Ruly Type Discount Amount

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