Google Page Optimization for Magento 2

Google Page Optimization for Magento 2
Google Page Optimization for Magento 2

Magento is seen everywhere nowadays and as the Magento Extensions. Magento is one of the top e-commerce platforms nowadays. It is the most scalable platform offering lots of flexibility.

Apps marketplace has extensions which fulfill all the requirements of Google PageSpeed Insights. Page optimization is not an easy task, with proper technical knowledge only, best results can be seen.

We are a web development agency that offers website development services, we have a lot of extensions that help companies sell better but go against a lot of what you may read about page speed on the internet. In my experience, page speed and SEO are both necessarily important. Extensions like Google Invisible reCaptcha for Magento 2, Google rich snippets for Magento 2, Magento 2 quick order, Google map for Magento 2 are all available at Apps marketplace.

Effects of low loading speed website

It creates a wrong impression in your customer’s mind. Low speed means less number of customers. Many times the customers even after adding products in the cart, leave the site due to its load time. Cart abandonment rates are going to raise, no matter what. Agree or not, if your website is slow, taking appropriate steps becomes very important.

Why SEO extensions are important?

Search is a very high complex ecosystem. It can make your business reach on the top. There are lots of modules, with the help of which you can quickly configure all the necessary settings.

Today in this article we have explained some of the extensions that are extremely helpful in SEO as well as speed. Ready to be wowed by this phenomenal list of best extensions

Google page speed optimizer

The speed of the site is listed by Google as one of the algorithms. To reduce the bounce rates of the visitors, there is an extension named Google page speed optimizer. This extension helps in faster loading.

The main features are as under:

  • Automatic image size - It reduces the size of the image, resizes it as well as saves it in an appropriate format. Image optimization makes the site load fast.
  • Optimize database performance- The content is streamlined for the faster webpage. As we all know that every web relies on the database, this is great that it helps to exclude the performance issue by optimizing the database.
  • Website code structure -unnecessary characters are removed from the code. It helps you in increasing the speed as well as in SEO.

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Magento 2 installation service

Magento 1 is becoming outdated and Magento will soon stop all its support for Magento 1. This extension is build up to provide you hassle-free Magento 2. Yes, you read it right! You can get your Magento 2 installation easier and quicker with our team.

The main features are as under:

  • Certified Magento Developers - We have certified Magento Developers to get this done.
  • Quick Turnaround time - We ensure that the turnaround time will be 48 hours.
  • Effective services - It includes the issue testing, pre-installation as well as post-installation service.
  • Compatibility - The installation will be compatible with all the browsers.

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Advanced product reviews for Magento 2

Whenever any person will search your product, he or she is going to read the reviews very first. Reviews are very helpful for your increasing sales. You will be building your brand credibility with the help of good reviews. The more the customers will engage with your brand, the more they will be confident in buying.

The main features are as under:

  • How they will give review: The app has the feature to requests the customer's on-site email review.
  • Manual or Automatic?- An automatic request is sent to the customers.
  • The best thing is the admin will receive the review and verify it.
  • There is also an option for the admin to add the comment on the reviews.

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SEO Extensions

SEO involves a lot of things like checking redirects, checking the titles, to find the right keywords, checking emails were opened or not, and discovering email addresses. All these things require quality time by the SEO expert’s end. To solve these problems, we have come up with two best SEO extensions.

SEO Tool kit for Magento

It is a feature-rich extension that will help to lower the burden of SEO experts. Make your website reach the top. This extension will add a special cheery to your cake and that also with fewer efforts.

The main features are as under:

Meta tags creation - it adds unique meta tags, emojis in meta title, set no-index or also no-follow the pages.

Snippets - It adds rich snippets, which makes it easy to show the price, stock status, ratings, reviews, URL, company name and logo as well as you can also add a social profile.

Configure a unique product URL - It makes you easy to select a category path, enable the redirect of URL, customize and configure the URL. All this at your fingertips.

Automate cross-linking - It automatically generates internal and external links to spread link juice and attain higher ranking.

Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2

This extension is more expert than the SEO expert person. It has a lot of settings that are even unknown to any SEO specialist. All the advanced SEO features are covered under one extension.

The main features are as under:

Automate Cross-Linking For Your Store - This feature allows you to set the list of pages to add links automatically. Adding links become easy for internal pages as well as external websites.

Powerful SEO Templates - Creation and Management of SEO templates is becoming easy with this feature. These templates can be created for products, categories as well as layered navigation.

Optimize Google XML Sitemap - various options for optimizing google sitemaps are creating the product images URL, adding the title and caption as per the images, removing the links from HTML and XML sitemaps.

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