The Top Magento 2 Extensions in 2019

The Top Magento 2 Extensions in 2019
The Top Magento 2 Extensions in 2019

If you have selected Magento for your eCommerce store, you will need many features and functionalities. The store is not only made to make it look eyecatching and attractive, but it should have many features as well as new functions.


Magento is enriched with lots of Magento extensions and themes. There are lots of themes that make the Magento more reasonable to select. Magento lingerie theme, Milano Magento theme, Magento food delivery theme, Chinese restaurant theme, outstock Magento theme are some of the best ones.


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Not everyone has the same taste, as well as not everyone has the same requirements. To stand on one’s own requirements as well as to implement the same, Magento allows the creation of modules as well as extensions. But the good thing about Magneto is there are a lot of Magento 2 extensions which are built-in Magento and are easy to use. They save your additional development cost.


Extensions are not only used to just speed up, but it also works great in enhancing the efficiency of the website. Some of the best Magento extensions 2019 are listed as under:


Flexible bundle products


This extension allows you to create a new "extended bundle" product type and offer your customers a group of products they can combine into one. It has Flexible settings for the price, product type, process design, etc.


It allows

  • To Assemble bundle products by the customers themselves
  • The flexibility of using dynamics for fix pricing.
  • Live preview for better visualization
  • Unlimited product combinations
  • Improve customer experience
  • Special prices to bundle


Elastic Search


Every customer will need a search and this is what this extension exactly does.

  • It has Quick and advanced searches on products in the catalog
  • It has an auto-complete search suggestion.
  • It allows very high-speed search
  • It has a 100% responsive as well as a mobile-friendly interface.
  • It provides support for multiple languages
  • It provides support for stop words and synonyms
  • Indexing does not impact customers until reindex is complete


Newsletter Popup Extension


The newsletter popup extension has the capacity to convert your visitors into the customers. This popup is used by the store owners to attract the customers to discount coupons, offers as well as some new offerings.

It includes

  • 20 responsive popup themes.
  • Flexible display settings allow you to create custom rules and conditions for each email popup.
  • Premade pop-up templates
  • Built-in Google Analytics Event Tracking support

It has free themes which can be easily modified as well as edited. It is highly compatible with mobile updates and the newsletter can also be seen through the mobile. Easy to create multiple-step popups for the admins.


Quick order for Magento 2


This extension allows customers to quickly order products in bulk. What they have to do is:

Enter the SKU

Enter the quantity

Add the items to the cart.


It helps in:

  • Saving the time wasted on navigating the product pages.
  • It allows for fast order.
  • It also allows searching the product through its product name.
  • The product types are simple, downloadable as well as configurable.
  • Three clicks and the product is successfully bought.
  • It allows choosing multiple products with different attributes.


Shop by Brand


Shop by Brand extension helps the visitors to filter as well as to navigate the brand which is loved by the customers. This allows us to create the brand page as well as to add them to the navigation menu with the help of the Brand Magento 2 extension.

    • This extension has
    • Brand listing page
    • Brand detailed page
    • Shop by Brand filter
    • Responsive layout design
    • Multistore support
    • SEO friendly URL

On clicking the shop by brand, the brand menu will open. After finding the brand you want, you will be directed to the brand’s detail page. All the details about the product will be published over there.


Language Translator


Language Translator allows the owner to integrate translation tools to Magento. It helps in making your store multilingual as well as in boosting the sales.

      • It has a Backend option to select multiple languages
      • It has the option to enable or disable extension from the backend.
      • It helps you to manage your multi-lingual store more efficiently.
      • Displays language translator bar on frontend
      • It helps to get a large customer group on your website.
      • Three different predefined style layouts

1.Simple Layout

2.Vertical  Layout

3.Horizontal Layout


Layered Navigation


Search and get the product very speedily is what Layered navigation exactly does. It allows optimization and adding new products.

It has some of the other features listed as under:

        • It can Improve Layered Navigation in your Store
        • It will help to Speed up your catalog with AJAX
        • SEO-friendly
        • URLs functionality
        • Shop By Brand feature
        • Improved Sorting
        • Infinite Ajax Scroll
        • Fast Ajax Pagination

Google Map extension for Magento 2


Customers will need the exact as well as clear details about the location of your business. Display the physical address on the 'Contact Us' page using the appealing Magento Google Map.

It has some of the best features as under:

        • It can easily adjust the size and look of the maps block.
        • It is mobile responsive.
        • It does not require any type of coding skills.
        • Compatible with Mageplaza Store Locator



This plugin helps to improve information on your web store to meet the highest requirements of google as well as your customers. It serves great in replacing the extended keywords with internal and external links to increase the SEO value of your store.

          • You can build internal as well as external linking easily
          • It helps in automatically detecting the number of links per page
          • Google can shows sitelinks as per SERP results
          • Place links on category, CMS and product page.

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