Tips to Choose A perfect Magento Theme for Your Store

Tips to Choose A perfect Magento Theme for Your Store
Tips to Choose A perfect Magento Theme for Your Store

Your eCommerce store is an online store that your customers are going to view on their mobile phones or computer screens. The store they go through must be highly appealing as well as it has all the features and functions. To choose the right platform is the first question that arises immediately after thinking of making an online store, the second question that will come to your mind is which theme you should select so that the store looks appropriate according to the products. The right theme makes the store look highly appealing to the viewer.

Magento is the most flexible as well as a scalable platform that is written in PHP. It has a lot of functions as well as features that can be customized as per your needs. Magento is the most widely accepted platform among all the other platforms. Magento has a lot of features as well as functionalities, but the online store cannot rely just on the features and functionalities. It needs much more than that. Themes come in mind for the added requirement of an appealing website. While selecting the themes, we get confused about which Magento 2 ecommerce themes to purchase? There are too many options and you have to make the best decision. Themes play the most prominent part of your store.

There are a lot of themes such as cleaning supply theme, auto car parts theme, baby toy website theme, Poultry Farm Supplies theme, food delivery take away theme, perfume theme.To select the theme is not easy. You will have to think about all the factors while considering it. If you have a painting store and the theme you have selected is without any poopy colors and any style, it will look boring art website, while if you have a medical website and the theme you have selected is with lots of attractive shapes and colors, then the medical website will not look decent. As we wear the clothes as per the occasions, in the same manner, the theme should be as per the products.

We have listed some of the things to consider before you select your theme, just go through and get a clear idea:

It should be User-friendly

We all consider our customers as the center point when we create a store, the store will benefit us only if we are having regular customers. Customers should be satisfied when they visit your store. If the store is attractive but the users get confused when the order and the payment method is not simple, the process of checkout is too much time taking then there will be chances that the customer does shopping the first time but he will try to avoid next time. If it is user-friendly then only the customer will be 100% satisfied. Make sure that your visitors don’t bounce back from your website out of boredom.

It should be Responsive

The theme you select should not have any type of rigidity. Your theme should be easy to access as well as responsive on all the websites. Nowadays all the people are using smart devices to buy online, so your website should be responsive to all mobile phones as well as tablets. Almost 50% of the population is using smart devices, so make sure that you select the best Magento 2 responsive theme.

It should be SEO friendly

Everyone wants to get their website listed on the top of Google. SEO helps you to get your website top-ranked on google. Magento comes with SEO friendly environment by default. Magento themes offer built-in SEO functionalities to make your website more SEO friendly. Make sure that the Magento theme you select has SEO-friendly features with the right HTML/CSS coding.

It should have Perfect Layout

The layout should be selected keeping in mind the nature of your product. You should make up your mind that what special you want like if you want a zoom image of your product. If you are selling fashionable clothes, make sure that the template you select is as stylish as your products.

It should have Proper Arrangement Of Blocks And Banners

The website needs proper placement of blocks and banners. The theme you select should have an appropriate empty place to add blocks and banners. Even though almost all the Magento themes have a banner as well as a promotional slider, it is advisable to check before selecting the theme.

Blocks and Banners work in delivering your business words to the customers in the smartest way. Right placement of promotional blocks and banners are going to benefit you.

It should be Browser Compatible

Different users use different web browsers for their websites. The theme you select should be browser compatible so that no compromise arises when a customer opens any browser. Browser compatible themes is an important aspect to consider while you select your theme.

Check the Speed

Many of the websites just fail because of too much load time. It is believed that the user will not spend more than 30 seconds on a website to get it loaded. They bounce back because of the speed issue. In this busy life, nobody will waste his or her time waiting on the same site. The google will also de-rank your website for slow speed. The theme you select should not have the factors which slow down the the speed is also an important factor to consider.

You should Check the Colors

If your website is of the training course and the colors in the theme are very bright and eye-catching, it will look a complete mismatch. To make sure that your website doesn't look wrong, select the theme keeping in mind the best colors as per your product’s nature.

It should support blogs

Every website has its blogs. Blogs are created to provide information to the user on any article as well as they are also used to get the Google ranking. Publishing blogs on your website will make your website ranking high on search engines. Some of the themes have inbuilt blogs and we have to make sure that the theme we are selecting is supporting the blogs.

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