Please go through the following before you make any purchase seek services through Apps Marketplace.

The following agreement is an agreement between customer and Apps Marketplace that sets certain terms based on which We will offer e-commerce extensions & themes which is downloaded through Apps Marketplace. The agreement will be effective only after you agree to the terms and hit the accept button. In case you do not agree to any of the below mentioned terms you may not utilize Apps Marketplace portal.

Apps Marketplace has the right to include, change or alter the agreement any time. The changes will be effective only after 30 days of notice we send you about the changes to our portal through email.

After you agree with the agreement Our Extension App will give you non-exclusive, personal, non transferable and limited authority to use the Apps Marketplace site.

Extension here refers to the product/service that is purchased/downloaded via e-commerce Extensions App site along with proper documentation. Extensions include add-ons, language packs, development modules, design interfaces and themes much more.

Free extensions refer to licensed extensions distributed on Apps Marketplace at no charge.

The information you provide on Apps Marketplace for e-commerce extensions & themes website is secure with us but for any information that you provide on third party websites, you will be responsible for the information you share. We act as just the distributors and publishers of your personal information.



If you want to enter any area that is password protected on our site in order to use materials and services available on our site or through our site, you need to have an account with us. You will be solely responsible to protect the privacy as well as security of your account considering all the tasks that you perform using your account and you agree to inform Apps Marketplace immediately for security threat to your account.

Apps Marketplace will not be responsible for any kind of losses that occur due to unauthorized utilization of your account.  You as a user of Apps Marketplace agree to abide the plagiarism guidelines and also acknowledge that e-commerce Apps Marketplace holds the right to impose the guidelines along with this Agreement as it is considered to be correct in its sole disposition.

The information you provide should be correct and complete while registering with our site. When you use our site you agree to keep your registration data updated so that it remains complete and correct. You agree to the terms that Apps Marketplace stores and utilize registration data you have given to utilize for billing purpose.


The e-commerce extensions available via Apps Marketplace are all licensed. They are not sold to the clients. The e-commerce extensions & themes develop involve efforts of a third party developer and we provide license for those extensions to you.

By accepting the license terms and conditions you agree that Apps Marketplace holds the right to impose license being a third party beneficiary. Apps Marketplace has no responsibility to provide upgrades/updates to the extension provided by the developer.



License limitations

You can download the extension just once and after it is downloaded you cannot replace it. You cannot make translations, copies or alterations to/of the extensions. You are also not allowed to change or erase the copyright notice on any of the extensions & themes.

You will be responsible for configuring as well as using the extensions and taking measures to take care of the protection and security plus back up of any content.

Some extensions & themes features and components of Apps Marketplace may include separate software or different terms and conditions for licenses. In such cases you must read the terms carefully and agree to the conditions to use the extensions.


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