Refund Policy

All purchases made with Apps Marketplace come with 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product after 15 days of purchase, you will get full amount refunded. We do not guarantee the performance of extensions purchased from third party that you install on your website.


In case any problems persist during the installation or after the installation we may assist you to get FTP access, database consoles or Admin to fix the issues.

If you have any doubts about the functionality of any product you are requested to read the product description, analyze extension & themes at our demo site and then get in touch with us prior making a purchase. We welcome all your pre-sale queries as we believe it saves time for us as well as you. Please go through the refund policy carefully

  • Refund will not be applicable post 60 days from the date of product purchase
  • We will not be responsible for any extension & themes that you purchase from 3rd party website and will not be able to refund you the amount.
  • Refund will not be applicable upon renewing your subscriptions
  • Refund will not be applicable for custom development or custom installation
  • Refund will be applicable in mishandling cases like code modification or license violation.


Apps Marketplace holds the right to deny refunds in case any attempts to misuse refund policy is detected. Customers are not supposed to make use of code or product while refund process is initiated. Make sure that you delete the extension from your portal after the refund process ends successfully. Customers who violate the terms would be punished. We offer irreversible and non tangible products so the customers should understand the terms before purchasing any software via our site.

We hold the right to modify current terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

The validity period of subscription can alter for certain extensions because of special sale, offers or advertising firms.


Cancellation Policy

We believe in assisting our customers in best possible way and thus have designed a concerned cancellation policy.

The cancellation requests should be sent to Apps Marketplace through email. Your cancellation request is only valid after you get a confirmation email from our end.

  • To process your cancellation request we need minimum 2 weeks.
  • We will not deliver the source code /design etc related to the projects if the payments are not made on time.



With installation

The software will be available to you for download upon your payment details are verified. You will receive a link on your email (that you provided during registration) from where you can download the files. When you are trying to download our extension you simply need to copy it and then modify it as per your needs.

Without installation

Delivery with and without installation has the same process. In case you purchase a particular extension package that has paid installation you need to contact our support team by creating a ticket. The extension will be automatically installed upon verification of your payment details.

Apps Marketplace offers newest versions of all purchased extensions which are available in your customer account.

The refund policy stated above is applicable to the products by Apps Marketplace. Customer can request for a refund for any product they purchase from Apps Marketplace considers the refund been withdrawn by customer when it is debited from its account. If there is no notification received regarding non-acceptance from the customers within 10 working bank days the product will be considered as refunded by default.


The refund policy can be changed as and when required so make sure you check out this sections for the updates.

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