Install Your Magento 2 Extensions with Apps Marketplace!

Install Your Magento 2 Extensions with Apps Marketplace!
Install Your Magento 2 Extensions with Apps Marketplace!

Magento extensions are used by all Magento users. They are available for free as well as there are some of the paid extensions. For unique eCommerce experience, Magento offers its users all the updated Magento extensions. Extensions are developed through a broad network of Magento partners to provide you with ease for the online stores. Magento extension development is an inevitable part whenever the development of your eCommerce store comes in mind.

Magento extensions for eCommerce consist of various types of Blocks, models, resource models, controllers, etc, helper, sql.

There are a lot of extensions available for Magento 2. In this world of eCommerce, you will have to use the best functions to double up your online sales. We have developed the best extensions as well as the best Magento plugins for you to use easily. Some of them are explained as under for your clear understanding:

Subscription & Recurring Payments

Subscription & Recurring payment allows the customer to subscribe to the products and then they can automatically reorder the products, the amount of that product will automatically be deducted from their account. This extension is used for payment and subscription. It allows the user to have multiple products with a single subscription. The checkout process is very effective and it configures trial and initial fees.

  • Custom Static Blocks

This extension helps in placing and managing the content blocks.

It manages the content from banners to video and all types of content. Scheduling options to enable blocks at specific days and times of the day. It provides Block sharing across multiple product pages.

  • Order Success Page

This extension Shows different content based on customer and order details. It helps to grow your client base adding the benefits to the subscription and registration buttons on your success order page. It Improves post-purchase customer experience - let them contact you easily. Make your order success page informative by linking the FAQ category and specific Blog articles.

  • Social Login

Social login is created for the login/register purpose. It pops-up on the cart and checkout pages. It redirects you after log in. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon

  • Promotion Manager

This extension simplifies the promotion management process with the price rules grid. Simplify the promotion management process with the expanded price rules grid. Now you can save time on promotion-related tasks. It applies actions to multiple rules at once.

  • Facebook Comments

This extension allows customers to comment on product pages via Facebook. It allows the customers to duplicate reviews on Facebook. This extension comes with customized and embed facebook comments.

  • Magento 2 Wishlist extension

This extension helps to brings an excellent solution to help customers create multiple wishlists to save any of their favored items organized. Various wishlist categories help shoppers manage and access their wish lists much more quickly and easily.

  • Elastic Search

This extension provides a superior auto-complete search suggestion. It has a superior, High-speed search suggestion. It provides the user Full auto-complete search result. It's a 100% responsive & mobile-friendly interface.

  • Delete Order

It Deletes unnecessary orders & related information easily. sometimes Instead of deletion move orders to archive. It provides a hide archive order facility, API integration facility. This extension is fully compatible with the new Magento 2 version. It has the best & safe solution to delete the Magento order.

  • Cross Linking

Cross Linking extension build internal and external links. It is helpful to link to any product, category or CMS page. It builds internal and external links. It gives a link to any product, category or CMS page. It has a feature to replace the keywords with links.

  • Shop by Brand

Experience a new level of looking up products for visitors by using this shop by brand. It provides your visitors with a chance to look at the brand they like. It provides the user to experience a unique attractive brand page.

  • Call for Price

You can Replace the price info with various flexible options. It Hides prices from particular customer groups and it display special price only on particular category pages. It Uses popup and redirects links to collect the customers' data.

We have just explained very few of our extensions, but we are having much more than this. Magento marketplace extensions will boost up your sales.

Just go through our Magento 2 plugins which are completely tried and experimented by professionals and can lessen larger obstacles of your Magento 2 stores!

Avail our services to skyrocket your sales.

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