Know About Magento Shipping Rules Extension and Their Features

Know About Magento Shipping Rules Extension and Their Features
Know About Magento Shipping Rules Extension and Their Features

Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension is normally an easy to use tool ideal for merchants and helps them create & edit shipping rules effortlessly.

The module lets store owners enjoy a range of conditions and presets. It helps them utilize specific parameters on their own and easily customize different combinations.

Make custom shipping rules depending on a range of shopping cart attributes and product conditions. Just apply extra delivery options discount shipping rates, surcharge and change shipping rates as per your business needs.

The article will help you learn about the best Magento 2 Shipping Rules extensions out of the many other shipping rules extension available in the market. The list is fetched from Mageplaza Ranking which is created based on

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Magento 2 - Shipping Rules


Magento 2 shipping rules extension by Mageplaza is the smart solution for many online stores to build countless shipping rates with certain rules.  This tool is helpful for store owners to modify the shipping cost accurately based on different situations.


  • Let the store owners include a number of rules for existing shipping methods
  • Conveniently calculate shipping rates based on  product & cart total
  • Set the specific date, time as well as priority for different shipping rates
  • Choose store view & customer groups to aid rule visibility


Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension created by Magesales is a powerful extension which comprises of excellent features. It helps admin to create and edit infinite rules and also allows you to set shipping rates, shipping methods and shipping time effectively. Indeed an amazing extension for the customers to select right shipping prices and reduce costs automatically.


  • Shipping rules at the backend can be generated and modified easily.
  • Lets you select products to add the shipping rules as per different attributes
  • Enables modifying shipping rates according to your business plan
  • Helps you add coupon code to different shipping rules through a backend
  • Setting up an order for various shipping rules becomes easy.


This is the time when you need to select a shipping rules extension for Magento 2 store. It is embedded with a lot of useful and exciting features. The extension lets admins create countless rules. Apart from that, admins are also allowed to set shipping rules as per the customer address details. Also, it is user-friendly and can be configured quickly.


  • Create shipping rules according to a product, order/ cart attributes
  • It helps generate infinite rules..
  • Can set the shipping rules without any hassles as per the customer address details.
  • Easy verification of custom shipping rates for every product and every order
  • Lets you set up shipping based on store views and customer groups.


Get set and be ready to unleash the shipping rules extension launched by WebEx software. The extension allows you to improve the conversion rate as well as business revenues remarkably.

Also, it is compatible with all devices and integrated with many helpful features. It also lets the admins set and edit shipping rules as well as the shipping prices, and then offer the perfect buying experience for the online shoppers.

  • Let's generate shipping zones
  • Feature to allow shipping zones to categories,  products, and different shipping methods
  • Detect the customer location automatically
  • Set up ship rules and limitations easily
  • Allow admins add custom shipping methods as well as a calculator to calculate shipping cost.


In case you are searching for a shipping rules extension for your e-store, this extension is the ideal option to opt for. It is launched by Cmsideas and lets you generate and modify as many as shipping rules you want to. 

Apart from this, admins can easily set shipping rules smoothly via backend. Shipping rules are only displayed while the orders acknowledge the whole address rules. With the help of this module, the buyers can select the best shipping prices which will get them satisfied with online shopping.


  • Manageable shipping rules
  • Lets admins generate unlimited shipping rules
  • You can display shipping rules on the checkout page
  • Set the shipping rules via backend easily


You are looking for the custom shipping cost tool for your online store, don't waste time anymore, this is the best choice for you. Shipping Rules extension launched by the Mconnectmedia provides many powerful features. It allows creating and setting the custom shipping rules unlimited at the backend. Also, it helps increase business sales drastically.


  • Adding unlimited conditions becomes easy
  • Helps create and edit shipping rules
  • Feature to modify shipping rates based on different factors like total quantity, weight range, and product price
  • Customization and configuration of the extension come handy.

With the above extensions, you can take your online business to the next level.

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