Magento Affiliate Extension - A Step to Promote Your Business at a Larger Level

Magento Affiliate Extension - A Step to Promote Your Business at a Larger Level
Magento Affiliate Extension - A Step to Promote Your Business at a Larger Level

The Magento affiliate extension

The Affiliate extension (for Magento 1) is a perfect system that helps you with your business promotions.

An affiliate program is the best method to promote your e-commerce store in a better way and generate revenue for your business. Both vendors & affiliates can benefit from this extension as it becomes possible to promote their store via their sites and you can reward them on a per sale basis. Make sure you pay only if you gain profits from the deal.

Business status

The Magento affiliate extension is a crucial factor for your business and can help business prosper. It will help you

  • Building relationships with successful sales reps
  • Grabbing potential leads
  • Services can be promoted outside the store too.
  • Making your store SEO-friendly to get improved rankings on search engines
  • Driving traffic to your sites and improve sales for your store.


Building affiliate campaigns

The Magento 1 Affiliate module lets you organize the appropriate affiliate program by following easy steps.

  • Product select rules can be set easily.
  • Set active period;
  • Choose customer groups;
  • Manage campaign rates on fixed/percentage/tier basis.

Campaign process

  • Control the transactions;
  • Modify the status of customer status based on the affiliate program in their group
  • Set up a minimum amount for withdrawal amount and duration
  • Setting up necessary notifications being sent to the store
  • Set up taxes if required for calculating the earnings.
  • Adding commissions via backend
  • Enable affiliates to receive Sales, traffic sources, conversion reports and set their duration and easily download them
  • Make use of the affiliate program in multiple store views.

Magento 2 affiliate extension

Magento 2 Affiliate extension is certainly the most powerful for promoting your e-commerce store. Affiliate programs increase sales, improve traffic, pour in quality leads and enhance SEO rankings. You can generate countless campaigns using smart referral links that are an ideal source of multi-level marketing.

Why do you need Magento 2 Affiliate extension for your e-commerce store?

Looking at the numerous advantages of Affiliate Marketing, the launch of Magento 2 affiliate extension has brought in amazing results for the e-commerce stores.

The introduction of Magento 2 Affiliate Standard edition helps you utilize the required features to initiate marketing plans successfully.

With Magento 2 Affiliate extension, it becomes easy for the store owner, administrator to generate unlimited affiliate programs without any specific restrictions. Every campaign you created is allotted to a particular affiliate Group and the exact duration is set according to your preference.

Multi-level Affiliate Marketing

Multi-level Affiliate Marketing feature enables you to add infinite tiers and then set up various commission levels for every affiliate network’s tier.

You will be able to make more money that affiliate earns if the affiliate network is huge. Thus, Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing certainly works as a strong reward system that helps promote the network. It means you will have skilled sales reps to bring in more sales and generate revenues for your business.

Pay per scale

The administrator & affiliate actually controls the “Pay per Sale” system via a commission value plus the commission policy type right from the 1st order followed by future orders. The 3 commission policy types are

  • %age of grand total
  • %age of total profits & fixed amount.

Affiliate Groups are essential

It is recommended that you build infinite affiliate groups comprising of affiliate members using Magento 2 configuration to initiate systematic classification.

Affiliate reports

With the help of Magento 2 affiliate reports you as a store owner can get all the detailed reports related to affiliate activities. It will help you get a clear idea about the following information

  • Transactions of affiliate program like commission status based on cancellations, completion or commission on hold.
  • New affiliates created along with their details like their status, name, email and time of registration.
  • The list of top affiliates who fetch high commissions with their details like email, name, count of orders, sales value, status, and commission.

So, overall Magento affiliate extensions are beneficial to help your business grow and help your marketing campaigns become successful.


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