Magento Extensions That Help Your E-Commerce Business Flourish

Magento Extensions That Help Your E-Commerce Business Flourish
Magento Extensions That Help Your E-Commerce Business Flourish

There are different Magento extension provides who offer compatible Magento extensions for your online store to increase its productivity. You can easily accomplish your daily tasks within less time. You just need to pick the right category and then accordingly select the appropriate Magento extensions that live up to your business needs.

Magento marketplace extension

With the help of Magento marketplace extension, you can expand the business and gain profits. It comprises of benefits that you can help your business grow. Here are some of them

  1. Transform the current Magento site to a faster Multiple Seller Marketplace.
  2. Enable multiple sellers to easily register & sell their respective products.
  3. Helps seller easily manage their invoice, products as well as shipment process via user-friendly seller dashboard.
  4. Lets admin staff set commissions seller wise, product wise, category wise, product wise, customer group wise
  5. Helps Seller control all product types.
  6. It becomes easy for the sellers to upload different products using multiple images through the upload of CSV file.
  7. For the seller, it becomes pretty easy to upload huge inventory through CSV upload.
  8. Lets customers to share review if they have purchased a particular product from a seller.
  9. Admin gets the rights to check and publish the review.

Magento gift card extension

You can expand your loyalty program by incorporating the gift card feature. This will help your customers enjoy an easy shopping experience where they can buy, share and also redeem their gift card when they want to.

This is possible through Magento gift card extension that helps create and control gift codes (pre-generated), gift certificates for the campaigns you have set up, allows setting gift card rate schemes and much more.

Gift card certainly enables an increase in sales. You can use it any store whether for apparel store, pets, accessories, tickets, etc. customers can easily make use of gift cards to buy products.

Magento SEO extension

If you run an online store then you may be aware of how important is Magento SEO extension for your store to optimize your store and improve its rankings on various search engines.

Magento SEO extension also helps increase conversion rates and quality scores of AdWords. It is user-friendly and offers support for multiple stores for e-commerce stores. It becomes easy to structure and plan your e-commerce site to maximize SEO performance.

The Magento SEO extension helps

  1. Eradicate duplicate content
  2. Offers structured data
  3. Assists layered navigation
  4. Custom meta title, tags, keywords and description

Magento b2b extension

Incorporate strong Magento B2B extension to your e-commerce store to take your business to the next level. With powerful features like strong product order system, sales tools, etc B2B extension will help your business grow.

The existing customers on the B2B platform can easily log in to the site using their login details. New users can register to create a new account. The wholesalers can access the workflow on the portal to view all products, quick order, and current cart, file upload, etc.

Magento shipping extension

Here is what Magento shipping extension offers for your ecommerce store

  • Create countless shipping areas
  • Easy shipping rules and limitations
  • Detection of customer’s location automatically

Magento search extension

Talking about Magento search extension it is one of the best extensions the helps the customers search for the products displayed on your store faster and a lot of time is saved. The products are shown via a pop up with respective description and images to help increase the browsing of your store. The number of products shown in pop up can be limited in order to manage the product display systematically.

Magento review extension

Product reviews certainly make a difference when it comes to customers’ decision in buying products. Magento review extension helps fetch a lot of reviews and it directly helps improve your sales.

The extension comprises of main functionality – Magento Review Reminder that encourages customers to write the reviews for the product they purchased.

Magento affiliate extension

Magento affiliate extension helps increase sales via affiliate channels. You can easy carry out affiliate campaigns wherein you can include the best products for promotion. Just give away rewards to affiliates as a commission for each purchase done via a campaign.

Magento reward points extension

Magento reward points extension helps you reward the customers on every purchase with points or also for other activities they perform on you store. These points can be easily redeemed by the customers for discounts etc.

Magento one step checkout extension

Magento one step checkout extension makes the process of checkout simpler for your Magento store.

It minimizes the shopping cart abandonment. There is no need for the customers to go through several steps instead the single checkout extension helps accomplish checkout in just one step.

Magento full page cache extension

Magento full page cache extension is the ideal method for the Magento store to improve the load time, decreases the server load, increases the website ranking and thus increases the sales conversion. It is an extension that directly improves your store sales and lets you generate revenues.

Magento product feed extension

Magento product feed extension helps you create a file that comprises of details of product present in your store product catalog and upload the same file in different shopping engines for comparison.

This will help you get your products a wider exposure on different search engines.

Magento Google merchant centre extension

Magento Google merchant centre extension makes it easy to connect to the Magento store with the Google merchant account. Google merchant service can help you submit the products to well known Google shopping and bring in new visitors and increase sales through Google network.

Magento Google shopping extension

You can help your campaign for Google Shopping run easily using Magento Google shopping extension. The extension is built especially to help your Magento products reach Google merchant account and run Google Shopping campaign smoothly. It will help you get improved sales.

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