Make customers buy more by Magento Gift Card Extension

Make customers buy more by Magento Gift Card Extension
Make customers buy more by Magento Gift Card Extension

Advertising has always been a great strategy to grab customers’ attention. Various means of marketing like coupons, deals, discounts etc have helped companies to boost their sales and customer footfall. Nowadays companies have come out with another smart way to engage customers and keep them coming back. By adding a gift card to their marketing plan, they are managing to develop a strong connect with their customers. That's why we developed a simple yet efficient Magento Gift Card Extension module to help retailers connect with the customers and rocket sales for their stores. Consider the following ways to decide on the best suitable card for your requirements –

Magento gift card extension –

  • Easily enable your customers to buy gift cards

    Selling Gift Cards has always been a great and easy marketing strategy to drive traffic to websites and grab new customers to your stores. Our Magento 2 Gift Card extension offers both e-gift cards and physical gift cards, so your customers can send their curated gift cards to their friends and family online or buy it at your store.
  • Create gift cards with open & fixed amount price types

    Your customers can easily adjust gift vouchers to their specific needs by selecting Gift Card at different values. Gift cards can also be bargained and purchased at price lower than real value.
  • Easily upload gift codes

    Gift codes are generated to limit the users per gift card and to avail discount at the checkout. Magento 2 Gift Card extension enables your loyal customers to create Gift message and limit Gift Card usage to some specific items or orders with Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions.
  • Send gift cards via email or post office

    Gift cards are available both online and offline. Customers can send the gift cards by simply entering the recipient’s name and email address and by attaching a gift message. Whereas they can also send it via post by mentioning the correct address and name of the recipient. Buyers can choose to send digital gift vouchers by SMS, emails or via online messengers. Otherwise, physical gift cards can be printed out and sent via post office.
  • Keep track of gift cards

    Allows buyers to keep track of the gift card’s status and get notifications if there’s any change. It’s possible to track the usage of all the gift cards you have purchased. All information about Gift Card - balance, status and the expiry date are updated in ‘My Account’ of each customer.
  • Offer great gift card templates

    Offer custom design templates and flexible pricing schemes gift carts. Flexible tool to build powerful gift cards that match your business model and customer preferences perfectly.

Magento 2 free gift extension –

  • Get 5 more auto add promo actions

    Magento 2 free gift extension enables you to add 5 free and discounted products to your cart. Attract customers by these special offers and let them select among available offers. The primary goal is to increase the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns by offering discounted or free items adding them to shopping carts automatically.
  • Informative banners on all product pages

    Design catchy banners like “Buy X get Y free” and host them on your product pages to grab the attention of the visitors. This will lure them to purchase those products.
  • Auto add only in-stock products

    helps you select only the products which are in stock and filter out the stock out ones.
  • Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized

    you can add coupon codes and use mobile applications to use Magento free gift extension. For example, a code is generated to avail a gift for limited period, you can put that code at the time of checkout and avail the offer.
  • Ability to add free and non-free products

    Enables you to choose from varied free and non-free products. The cart will clearly show the products which are not free and you shall be charged accordingly

Quick 3 Reasons to Use Gift Cards for Your Business –

  • Trigger Your Sales -

    Gift cards give several opportunities to grow your sales. Unlike coupons, which take value away from products you are selling, gift cards will keep customers coming back to your businessto use the full value of the card.
  • Build Customer loyalty

    Building personal brand connections with your customers is vital to keeping long-term clients. When customers feel a strong bond with a company, they are more likely to continue to use their services and products. With so many incentive programs provided these days, offering gift cards in conjunction with a loyalty program is just another way to build that customer relationship
  • Increase Brand Awareness

    While we all appreciate recommendations from friends, they only go so far—until we have a chance to test them out risk-free. Receiving a gift card is an opportunity for someone to try something that may appeal to them, but otherwise would not have gone out of their way to try. By providing gift cards, you can benefit from letting others do the work for you by sharing their love of your products

A great way to acquire new customers while retaining the loyal ones is to set up a gift card or gift certificate program. Using gift cards as a marketing tool is easier when you work with an experienced partner who takes a consultative approach. Knowing your specific needs, goals and customers, as well as budget, can go a long way in creating and executing the right gift card program for your business. Apps Marketplace is your one stop to all your marketing needs. Be it gift cards or hot deals and discounts we have all in store for you. Our market and advertising strategies will help you develop a strong market place and gain an edge over your customers.

Contact us to know about our varied E-commerce business solutions as we guarantee that the e-commerce extensions & themes, we create reflect standard and profits for the customers in the long run.

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